It consists of colorless blue, oilpaint and acrylics on jute, 160×200 cm., 2016


Thinking in spaces, oilpaint and acrylics on jute, 80×130 cm., 2016 03

Part of Four plus blue, oil on jute, 24×30 cm., 201606

I don’t know anymore if it’s me, oilpaint on jute, 18×24 cm., 2016


Blue wagons, being painted red, or.. ,oil on jute, 70×70 cm., 201610


Towards the edge, acrylics and oilpaint on jute, 210×260 cm., 2015 – installation of the work at galerie Rento Brattinga

11Marije_Gertenbach_IOA040416_Photo.LukasMessner_2 11Marije_Gertenbach_IOA040416_Photo.LukasMessner_1

Studio 2016

Photographs: Marije Gertenbach and Lucas Messner